Here at Stuck On Stitches we cater to the creative.

We pride ourselves in making fun and unique gifts and apparel that you’ll love sharing with your friends and family.

This company was designed to give you a voice. Not to make you order corporate quantities and to give you freedom in choosing from a variety of colors and fonts so you can make all your accessories and garments your own.

Sure, there are a lot of other embroidery companies out there. But, many of their websites are hard to navigate and many have so many products that it’s hard to even find what you are looking for. In addition, most of these “Embroidery superstores” (as I like to call them) have multi-head embroidery machines.

This means that they can do the exact same design at the same time on different machines because all the machines are interconnected. This is great for the big orders the corporate companies place, but what about the small personal orders or startup companies that can’t place 100 piece orders? Most of these “Embroidery super stores” won’t take the time to work on small orders, or they’ll charge you additional fees to make up for all their other machines having to be down while your small order is being made.

This is why Stuck On Stitches was created. I have a single head industrial embroidery machine and want to help the people who want to be creative and design custom or personalized gifts and apparel with small piece orders or even single piece orders.

Please take a look through my website and you’ll see we only pick the best quality products and it’s easy to navigate. You’ll also see the wide variety of fonts and thread colors you have to choose from.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll work on finding it for you.

Remember: Make it CUTE, Make it CUSTOM!