1. Browse through all our clothing and accessories offered and find the product you wish to personalize.
  2. Choose the color and/or size of the item
  3. Type in the quantity you wish to order
  4. Choose the location where you wish to personalize this item (Please note depending on the location you’ve selected for personalization, there may only be a limited amount of space that can be used for embroidery. If this is the case, your text may be shrunk to fit in the selected area. But we will notify you first to make sure that it’s fine with you)
  5. Decide what you want to put on this item (Exp. Text, Logo or a Design)
    • If you choose Text. Please choose from the font styles that we have available. Once a font is selected, a drop down menu will come up prompting you to choose a size of the embroidery text. (Please note certain font are only available in limited sizes)
    • If you choose Logo. Please upload your logo or design and we’ll send you a final estimate on cost for you to approve before your order can be placed. (Please note digitizing fees will apply as all logos will need to be put into embroidery readable formats)
    • If you choose Design. Please look through all the standard embroidery and rhinestones designs available and choose the one you like. When ordering a standard design, you can choose a design and have text too. Please make sure to follow the above for your text and just choose the design. You can write in the special instructions section where you’d like the text to be placed around your design.
  1. Choose the color you want to use for your text. If you have submitted a logo, we will match the colors of our threads as best as we can to your logo. You will also receive a sew out image for approval before any items are embroidered. If you choose a design the colors of the design will be the same as they are in the picture. If you want this design in different colors, please note it in the special instructions section
  2. Make sure to choose your media style. The default is set up for embroidery, but if you’d prefer to get your text or logo made into a rhinestone design or even printed, we can do that too. (Please note with rhinestones there is a 6 piece minimum order quantity per design or logo)
  3. We offer scattered rhinestone to be placed around any design. Why not make your embroidery sparkle by adding some rhinestones. Just select the rhinestone color you want and how many stones and we’ll scatter them around your design.
  4. Please make sure to select a need by date so we can try and plan for your order (As all items are personalized or customized, Please allow 7 business days for your order to be created once all details from your order have been confirmed. We of course will try and ship out all orders sooner if at all possible. If you need an item sooner and don’t have 7 business days to wait for it to be made and then shipped, please e-mail us first to see if we can accommodate your deadline before placing an order.)
  5. If you have any special instructions, please put them in the special instructions box at the bottom of your order form.

Congratulations! You’re now ready to personalize some product. Once an order is placed we’ll review all details and immediately e-mail you if there are any questions. Please make sure to answer any questions we have, as your order will be on hold until the questions are answered.