Baby Shower Party Planning

I just got to host a baby shower for one of my best friends.

There was no embroidery at the party, but I feel like this shows my creative side just as well as all the embroidery photos. I even made sugar cookies with a butter cream glaze from scratch and we decorated them with some more home made frosting at the shower. I tired to make this as much of a unique shower as possible. The theme was classic Winnie the Pooh.

Baby Shower Photo 1Baby Shower Photo 2Baby Shower Photo 3

Embroidered baby goodies

For all you new moms, moms to be or even friends of moms to be. Check out all the cute embroider-able baby goodies we have on our website. This is just a taste of what’s available. be creative and make a unique and one of a kind gift.


Wrecking Crew

Made some jackets and beanies for the Wrecking Crew. Thanks for the team photo. We love it!


Pillows on Pillows on Pillows

Custom embroidered pillows for a photography bus trip. Now everyone could really ride in comfort. Photo bomb by my brother.


Personalized Cooler

We love this personalized cooler for the Mrs. This newly married couplego boating frequently and she wanted her own cooler, what’s wrong with that?

We don’t sell this cooler, but it was brought to use for embroidery


Bon Appetit Y’all

We got a request for a towel that a customer has seen and they wanted to make there own version of it. After choosing graphics, a color scheme and a font, this is how it came out.

We think it’s a cute addition to any kitchen.


Some Great Gifts we offer

These are some great gift ideas for summer weddings or even any other time of year.

You can make customized bar towels for groomsmen or even rhinestone tanks and embroidered totes for the bridesmaids. Get creative and give gifts that are special and that they know you put thought into.


Some of our novelty threads offered

In the “here in amyland” apron, Amyland is done in our purple ombre thread. Which as you can see below changes the color of the thread when it’s stitched.

In Jan’s Apron, Jan is done in a kelly green texture stitch. You can see there is a little zig zag pattern in the embroidery of this text


ZoCal Embroidery

This is an example of a more complex corporate logo we’ve done. As you can see this logo has a lot of details in the train imagine. We embroidered this logo on a bunch of sweatshirts for the organization.


Monogramed Sorority Blanket

We got a request for a monogramed sorority blanket. The customer choose the fonts, color and placement on this blanket.

The top is the finished embroidered blanket and the bottom is our embroidery software giving you an idea of what it would look like


Goodreads Onezie

An adorable baby onezie for future Goodreads Librarian.


From idea to finished tank

Here’s an example of a tank we embroidered.

The top photo is the finished tank and the bottom photo is an example of how the embroidery should look from our embroidery software in the font the client choosephoto-64

We love dog rescues

Made a fleece scarf and waffle weave kitchen towel for Australian Shepherd dog rescue. Thought these were so cute, they were worth sharingphoto-2

Dog Harness’ we embroidered for Husky Camp

We”ve even embroidered some dog harness” for Husky Camp Siberian Husky Rescue.


Corporate Embroidery

We can also do embroidery for corporate companies. These is just a few of the polos and workwear jackets we’ve been doing recently.


Grandmas can be so cute


Check out this super cute sweatshirt that we embroidered so Daniel could give it to his grandma


Novelty Ruffle Aprons

Our Novelty Ruffle Aprons are super cute for any holiday, party or even just a day baking for no special reason.

These also make great gifts for anybody and you can get creative while ordering them since you can pick out what you want them to say, color of the thread and even the font being embroidered

photo-88 photo-63

Cupcake Snowman & Baked with Love Aprons

Here are some of our solid color Aprons. Our Baked with Love Apron and Cupcake Snowman being some of our favorites.

Both of these normally come with just the saying or the graphic. But a couple of our customers wanted to go the extra step and personalize some.

photo-76 photo-85

Words to Live by

We had some fun making an customers idea into an actual gift. We were approached with the idea of making a Happy Birthday Jesus t-shirt. It took time to work together to choose the correct front, colors and graphics. But the results speak for themselves. Look at this Happy family.


Then another customer wanted to make an inspirational sweatshirt. After rolling ideas back and forth we came up with the above. As you can see sometimes the colors we present might not be exactly what the customer wants. So we work together to get all our thoughts on the same page, so the outcome is one both of us can be happy with.


And of course there had to be Santa Hats

We also did a couple Santa Hats around Christmas as well.

Our wonderful model Cashew tried on a Santa Hat that we were making for a friend. He was so cute we had to grab a snapshot


Personalized Stockings

Our 3D Stockings were a big hit as well. They made for great new family traditions. Plus with being able to personalize and embroider names on the stockings it helped keep the old traditions going.

How else would Santa know what gifts to put into what stocking?


Holiday Stockings for Pet Lovers

As the pet industry grows and more and more people choose to make there animals part of the family, more products become available for the pet owners to spoil there pets.

This past Christmas another favorite of our clients was the Dog and Cat pet stockings. Below are just a few of the stocking we embroidered before the holidays

photo-73 photo-67

Christmas in July

This past Christmas was booming with orders for tree skirts.

Check out some of the amazing tree skirts we worked on. Most were our snowman tree skirts, but some went more traditional and got the red with white trim tree skirts


X-Mas is starting early

Christmas is starting early this year. I”ve already embroidered my first christmas item.


A designs transition into embroidery

I was given the jpeg of the logo image below. The second photo is this logo after it has been digitized and embroidered. It’s a 10″ wide design embroidered on some fabric for a back of a jacket.

I think it came out beautiful


Wedding details

Worked on some handkerchiefs for a wedding. Some were for specific people in the wedding party and others were for guests. We think it’s a cute way to customize your wedding. Get creative and once you have an idea, we’re here to help you execute it.

Vablet Polos

Recently just finished some polos for a trade show for Vablet. Good luck guys at the trade show, at least you’ll look sharp.

DaYuum!! Embroidery is going through the machine

Check out some of the different DaYuum!! embroidery we’ve been working on. They’ve chosen a wide variety of hats and colors so each person can be unique.

Stuck On Stitches allows you to mix and match colors and product for now extra charge, which many embroidery stores won’t allow you to do without an extra charge


Baby Blanket

A friend of mine just had a baby girl. This is the baby blanket I embroidered for her shower gift

Thanksgiving is almost here. Which means Christmas is right around the corner.

I’m going to need to start working on another Happy Birthday Jesus design for this christmas. This was last years

Some of our specialty cheer/dance wear

Most of this cheer/dance wear isn’t available on the website currently. We thought it was very cute though, so we had to showcase it. If anyone is interested in any of these pieces, please e-mail us and we’ll work to order the right garments to make your custom apparel.